Working with us

Brick and mortar make the office, but not the organization. Organizations are built on the foundation of mutual trust and respect of its people. We believe that people are the greatest asset any organization can have. With this belief in our heart and mind, we scout for colleagues to be, who can bring fresh thoughts, new perspective and endless energy in the organization to make it vibrant, dynamic and relevant. In return we offer transparent and challenging work environment yet gratifying, as we work in the domain of plasma products, where most of the patients fall in rare disease category and working with them and for them gives much larger meaning of life-professionally and personally.

Nourished & molded through the shared values and mutual respect between our people, we work at PlasmaGen. We value the experience, knowledge and commitment that people bring into PlasmaGen. Every one working at PlasmaGen exercises his/her responsibility, integrity and creativity while developing themselves & also contributing to the on-going success of the organization.

Your passion and sincerity will be most valuable attribute when you become a part of the PlasmaGen. If you think of your job being more than just a job and have a sincere desire to make a difference in this world, we are looking for you.

Please send your details at and the rest we will take care of.