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Need of Plasma

The prevailing trends illustrate that the need of Plasma derived therapies far surpasses the availability.

Our Focus

The prime focus of our marketing team is to propel the proficient provision of the product and simultaneously work on spreading awareness about plasma based therapies within the medical fraternity, clinicians, paramedics & patients

PAN India presence

PlasmaGen now has a PAN India presence with a well-trained and specialized marketing & sales team, reinforced by a brand management and business development team

Our Service

We now cater to:
Around 3000 clinicians & medical practitioners viz.-Neurologist, Paediatricians, Haematologists, Oncologists, Hepatologists, Rheumatologists, Dermatologists, Intensivists and other specialties.

Around 500 corporate hospitals and government Institutions.

We alsostrive to make contributions in different tendersacross multiple states; based on the diverse criterion requisitesof plant authorization, compliance with regulatory norms and standardized quality measures.

We understand the exigence in the requisites of our people and strive to try our best so that our service timely reaches our patients.