What is Plasma?

Blood plasma is a straw colored liquid component of blood that normally holds the blood cells(RBC, WBC and Platelets) in whole blood in suspension; making up for about 55% of the body's total blood volume.

Human plasma serves a reservoir of proteins out of which very limited number of proteins have been isolated so far, through plasma fractionation. Major ones include serum albumins, Immuno-globulins, and fibrinogen, clotting factors (FVIII & FIX), having various therapeutic uses.

Plasma Management

Collection of Plasma

This is where the inception of our operations takes place. Thus, it becomes imperative for us to ensure that every step of the process is designed to guarantee the highest standards of safety, purity and quality of plasma.

We obtain our plasma for fractionation, through a network of licensed Blood banks spread across the country, which undergo series of extensive Audits conducted by PlasmaGen, in-order to meet the pre requisite criteria.

It is noteworthy to mention that PlasmaGen is one of the very few companies in India who has been granted the License from Drug Controller General of India [DCGI] to collect Recovered plasma form blood banks.

Handling of Plasma

We take care of the logistics involved in Plasma handling, once it is procured from the respective blood bank centers.

In a country like India; which experiences extreme temperatures variations, the task of maintaining critical temperatures& stringent conditionsof plasma in transition becomes quite challenging.

Our well trained and dedicated team for Plasma sourcing and management ensures that each unit is packaged and shipped under strictly controlledenvironmental conditions & prudently executes end to end cold chain transfer to our storage facility.

Our PlasmaGen Biosciences Technology Centre located in Bangalore houses a state of art licensed cold storage facility of capacity of up to 60,000 liters annually.

Manufacturing of Plasma Products

Harnessing Therapeutic efficacy is one of our prime concern and therefore we made it sure that processing of our Plasma into effective therapeutic products goes into capable hands of our strategic partners of production.

Quality & Safety

For us, Quality is an attitude or rather a way of life that we endeavor to lead without any placation.

Our attempt is to ensure that each step and every person involved at each level, lines in congruence with the same standards of quality as necessitated by this realm.

When it comes to procurement, management, fractionation of plasma & manufacturing plasma products; we lay immense exertion on efforts to ensure safety at all levels.

All the blood banks that we collect plasma from are licensed by the concerned regulatory authority and undergo extensive audits by us to ensure safe supply of plasma.